At Avid Solutions, we are committed to lifelong learning and personal development in a meaningful way through Avid University.

Built upon proven learning and human performance methodologies, Avid University provides a unique learning model with a focus on employee values and strategic alignment with business goals. Operating with a clear and purposeful structure and governance, Avid University provides growth opportunities within four schools of learning:

School of Business and Communication

School of Safety and Wellness

School of Industry Knowledge

School of Leadership

Movement through Avid University is individually driven and is connected to clear career paths. Employees are empowered to choose the direction of their career based on their interests and goals. Throughout this journey, they are provided with various types of support to further ensure success.

Avid University elevates personal and professional lives. By providing consistent, blended learning opportunities for employees, clients, and partners, Avid University builds thought leaders and drives mutual success.